Letter for college students to provide to observation sites

Dr. Susan Eliason


Dear Colleague:

Thank you for accepting a Bridgewater State University student as an observer in your program for this semester.  The focus of this Early Education and Care course (ECPK 420) is to allow students to experience and reflect upon the full range of child care delivery models, birth through kindergarten.  Since some students entering this major with experience in only one type of setting; this course allows the student to discover there are many ways to provide quality services for children. Additionally, as professionals, they will have to consult or coordinate with those who have had the child previously, who will have the child next, or who offer specialized services for the child.

To meet the course and major requirements; the student must document the observation experience.  Students are required to interpret program quality at six observational sites, using quality indicators from NAEYC accreditation standards.  Students will refer to programs by program type, not by name, in order to maintain confidentiality.  Program types to be visited include:

  1. An EEC-licensed private center-based infant or toddler program which primarily serves typically developing children.
  2. An EEC-licensed private center-based preschool program which primarily serves typically developing children.
  3. A Head Start preschool program
  4. An EEC-licensed family childcare program where there are at least 4 children enrolled and present on the day of the visit. Three or more of the children must be 18 months or older
  5. A Montessori preschool program for children between the ages of 2.9 to 5 years
  6. A public-school kindergarten program that is NOT specifically set up to serve the district’s special needs population (50% or more of students on IEP’s).

We understand that most programs require a CORI.  The student and I appreciate any help you might offer to advance the CORI process so the student can logistically complete the experience by the end of the semester.  I am grateful for your support.  Thank you again for assisting in the professional development of a Bridgewater State University student.



Dr. Susan Eliason

Associate  Professor

Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education



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